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Welcome the 16th Annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival May 15-19, 2014  

NOTE: See our Student Art Contest interview on KUED, Wednesday April 2nd at 9:55 - 10 pm.  Also see KUED's video on hummingbirds. Link: http://video.kued.org/video/1380512531/ 

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is excited to announce the 2014 Keynote Speaker for May 17, 2014 will be The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Geographer and expert birder Tim Boucher. 

 "We have no control over what we are going to see or find,” says Tim Boucher, explaining the rush and challenge of birding. “But you can improve your chances by learning their songs and calls, their different habitats, and learning to sit patiently and wait for them to arrive. It’s an extraordinary tension.”

When interviewed by Melissa Milgrom, Boucher says, “The majority of birders probably refer to this preoccupation as a hobby.” The article notes- for him, it’s more of a beloved affliction. His goal is to see and hear members of all 227 bird families; he has only 27 to go. Birding dictates his personal travel itineraries, and it fills his house with kitchy-birdy knickknacks. It introduced him to his wife, and it led him to his career in conservation. -See more at: http://magazine.nature.org/features/the-birding-effect.xml#sthash.7M2BXvm7.dpuf

We look forward to Tim’s expertise and his fun accent!

 In addition to giving the Keynote address, Tim will also guide fieldtrips to Antelope Island and Farmington Bay and offer a workshop on Learning Bird Calls.  Tim’s Keynote address will be Birding in West Africa-Ghana & Cameroon.

Tim Boucher Dinner Tickets are available on-line now at www.GreatSaltLakeBirdFest.com 

Pre-orders for t-shirts and ‘hoodies’ are also available now.

Vendor applications are currently being accepted.  www.GreatSaltLakeBirdFest.com  


Previous speakers include: Kevin T. Karlson, Greg Miller, Bill Thompson III, Bill Fenimore, Scott Weidensaul, Bruce Thompson, Rosalie Winard, Ron Rohrbaugh, Denny Olson, Arthur Morris, John Acorn, Al Batt, Kent Clegg, Pete Dunne, Kenn Kaufman, Terry Tempest Williams, Ella Sorensen, Michael O. Leavitt

Contact Davis County Community & Economic Development or call 801-451-3286 for more information. 

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival 2014

Big Stay at Farmington Bay

Friday May 16th 5:00 p.m. - Saturday, May 17th 5:00 p.m.

 A “Big Stay” is like a birding Big Day or a bird-a-thon- the object is to tally

as many bird species as can be seen or heard within a 24 hour period from one location.

It’s kind of like a tailgate party for birdwatchers - hang-out and watch and listen for birds with your friends. Attendees are welcome to come and go from this event as they please.  Maps are available on-line or at the Festival information booth.


● Share the love of birds with the public. Local birders and experts will be on hand to

share their knowledge and optical equipment with the guests.

● Fundraiser for Great Salt Lake Nature Center at Farmington Bay - Pledges can be obtained for each species tallied. For example, if a generous person donates $1.00 per species and we see 75 bird species that day, we will have earned $75 from that donor. Donor pledge sheets are available on-line or at the Festival information booth.


● The Big Stay at Farmington Bay will consider the entire hill of Goose Egg Island to be the official observation area.

● Only birds seen or heard from the official observation area are countable, but there are strategic ways to accomplish this.

To reserve your time ‘on the hill’, contact Shyloh Robinson at SaltyBirds@gmail.com  





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